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GjB Photos is a web site built for the purpose of archiving and showcasing the pictures that I and my family have created over the years.  The site name is a play on my initials, and my wife Jenny's name.  The purpose of this site is not to sell my pictures, but if someone is interested in a picture I'm sure we can work something out.  All photos on this site are the property of Gabriel Burkey, and as such are not available for anyones use without permission.  

I enjoy photography, and have been taking pictures for about the last 12-15 years.  I started with a Nikon SLR (film camera).   After using it for several years I became interested in trying slide film.   I have several years worth of slides which resulted from that period.   I may one day get some of my better slides scanned for this site.   In 2008 I got my first digital SLR, so almost all the pictures you see here are post 2007.  

I enjoy all kinds of photography.  These days most of my photography is centered on my family, as well as whatever scenery or events are readily available around rural Beaver Crossing Nebraska.   Of course I try to keep my camera handy on trips, and you will see pictures on the site from states like Colorado, Wisconsin, Montana, Maryland, and Idaho.

I will try to only include my best shots so as to not clog the galleries with too many boring snaps.   Be warned, when a gallery is entitled with "snaps", or "snapshots", it may include lots of pictures of children, or other cute things that may or may not have  much photographic merit.  Ultimately this site is about showing pictures of interest to me and my family.  I make no promises that you will find the same interest.

Perhaps one thing about the photos on my site is a bit unusual for a photography site.   Almost every image you see here is exactly as it came from the camera.   I have no conviction against adjusting colors, cropping, sharpening, or any of the usual "photo shopping" techniques.   I just haven't done it with the vast majority of these images, mostly because I've no reason to invest a lot of time in doing so. 

I've done quite a few weddings, senior pictures, and family pictures over the years, mostly for family and close friends.  I don't consider myself a wedding photographer, but will do it to help friends.

If you need some photos taken I am willing to do that on a case by case basis.  I do not have a set fee, only what is arranged for any given time.  You can contact me if you are interested with the contact link above.

Enjoy the pictures you see here, and thank you for stopping by!

Gabriel Burkey

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